Blood Donation and WordPress

Yesterday I gave blood at my church for the Medic’s blood drive they have there twice a year. If there are 70+ donations, then the cost of blood is covered through Medic. So, since I give 4 times a year anyway (since I still am qualified), I make my contribution here. Well, it was like all the other times… sign in… answer questions… give blood… eat cookies… get t-shirt. I wish they wouldn’t buy the super huge XL shirts. I can’t really complain because they are Free, but the XL is sooo big from their manufacturer that the shirts are useless to me. I end up sending them with the In-Laws as clothing donations to the Philippines during their medical missions. I also donate many of my race shirts that suck… why do I need to wear them? I’d love to have one of those T-shirt quilts made with my marathon shirts, but that is extra money I don’t have. Maybe Later.

As I was plundering through a list of running community blogs, I discovered a program called Word Press. This is software that lets you have a blog on your own website and you host the program on your own server. It has many features that Blogger or LiveJournal have and so I investigated it out just a tad. I was able to get it loaded onto the site and it worked. So, I will report more on it later. I am pretty sure that I would keep my LiveJournal Account, but that I might shift Eric’s blog over to there as I can keep this more for Running.

Since I gave blood, no work out yesterday. I was running so incredibly late today that there will be no working out at lunch (no clothes) AND because I have moved my tutorees timeslots earlier… no workout tonight. I will have a chance to workout tomorrow evening, but that is only if I can get the forces of nature to work in my favor. Ideally, we can get 10 new team members today and then I can workout tomorrow without any guilt.

Here is a picture that I took on Friday while I was going to work. I LOVE having my Dimage X20 with me. It is so small and compact with a quick boot up that I can take decent pictures very easily. The picture is of the Sunrise while traveling East on I-40.

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