Speed with some hills

Yesterday was a pretty gloomy day here in East Tennessee. We had a light drizzle all day long and chilly temperatures. I wasn;t sure if I would make it outside to run or if I would be running on the treadmill. Marty was busy last night watching the kids, so I was flying solo last night, in the rain… ugh. As I made my way to the track, since Tuesday is speed work day, I noticed a ton of highs chool track people walking around. Sure enough, there was some major high school track meet happening at Tom Black track in the rain none the less. I guess that would limit the field events, but the track people should still be able to run. Anyway, it required that I would have to relocate my speedwork.

Seeing that it was lightly raining, I was not sure if the skies would open up and be deluged with rain. So, instead of hopping on the greenway, which is partial covered, I opted for running on campus. Although I wouldn't be covered in the event of a down pour, I would be much closer to the car and gym. I started out very quickly, I ran 0.35 mile in 2:29 which equates to a 7:06 pace. Then jogged to catch my breath, to go out again for 0.27 mile in 2:05 which was slightly slower at 7:43 pace. Seeing that I would keep this a short session I decided that I would add some sprints uphills to my workout tonight. Why not?

In these parts, there are no shortage of hills… so adding hill work is as easy as 01,10,11 (binary joke). The hill work went real well, I ended taking on two hills without having to stop. I got back to the car in 20:35 and covered 2.25 miles for a 9:09 pace. Not bad since I did some recovering walking without stopping the watch.

Today is going to be a rest day because I am giving blood. So no running until tomorrow, which may be limited because exams have started and my tutorees want to switch their timeslots. Fine by me, that way I am not on campus until 10:30pm.

Picture Albums of Eric have been added to the main website. Also pictures of the Trideltathon 2005 has been added to my Running Corner.


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