One of the guys that I work with was cleaning out his yard and he went to finally cut down some English Ivy that had been growing on his trees every since he moved to his current house back in the 70s. I took a couple of pictures of the Ivy, which was part of the root near the ground, along with some english Ivy growing outside our house here on UT. I made sure that the piece of new ivy was coming out of the ground so that you make an apple-to-apple comparison

Giant Poison Ivy

You can see some new ivy leaves coming off the larger specimen as well as some new ivy piggybacking up the older ivy. The cut in the middle was a previous attempt at killing the ivy, but somehow was able to survive.

Giant Poison Ivy

That is a 6″ ruler for diameter comparison. The chainsaw used makes the rings blurry to determine any age but it obviously a pretty old vine. This root was part of a vine that reached into the canopy of some tall pine trees, it is a mystery why the sheer weight of the ivy didn’t collapse the tree since pines have a shallower root system.

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