Xray Vision

I went to the doctor today and he said that I am free and clear and can go back to working out 100%. However, I have a stuffy nose which may be allergy related. I am now on Clarinex for a couple of days to see if the clog goes away. I sure hope so!

Yesterday, Eric was using his foot to push things where he would normally use his fingers. He has such a good control of his body and how to use them to his advantage. Now if we can get him to talk in complete sentences or eat his food, we will be all right. I have been working on some photo albums of Eric and will have some to post by the weekend.

I am running in the Spring Sprint on Saturday, it is the first in the Ruby Tuesday's Triple Crown of running. The Triple Crown is three races, Spring Sprint (April), Scholar's run (August) and Reindeer Run (December). If you run in at least the Spring Sprint or Scholar's Run plus the Reindeer Run, then you are entered into the Triple Crown Drawing where the door prizes are all valued over $100. And, if you run all three then you receive a commemorative gift, which in past years have been very nice. I'll probably finish somewhere around 25:00 or so, I can't imagine that I will be that fast since I haven't run any and maybe not get a chance to run until Saturday.

I have been working on jen's Mary Kay website www.jenhiggins.com as I try to be the Web guru for her. I have a bunch of pictures that I need to make albums for her and will try to do that this week.


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