We traveled today from Knoxville to Myrtle Beach for a retreat this weekend. I am sad because I won't be able to participate in the Mary Kay retreat. All Mary Kay events are very good, very inspiring, much like a good book, you don't want to put it down. I will be taking care of Eric while Jen is busy. Well, eric and I will be shopping for most of it. And if the weather is nice, Eric will meet Mr. Ocean with his friends Crashing and Waves.

We were planning to meet Devaney in Wilmington, but he has a super abscessed tooth and is a lot of pain. Enough to send him to the emergency room since his regular dentist was out of town. Maybe next time.

The ride here was crazy. What normally took us 6-7 hours was over 8 hours. Eric was going stir crazy even though our new Odyssey has a DVD player… we watched baby Einstein about forty billion times. So any trip over (normally) 8 hours is going to be a two day affair. So in July when we go to Dallas for seminar, that will be a 2-dayer on the travel down and 2-dayer on the way back.

I am looking forward to getting my Chest Xray on Tuesday… I sure hope that it is clear. I think it will be. I am going to try to wake up early these next few day so that I can get some mileage in before everyone is up. Hopefully, the low tide will be working with me so that I can get some beach running this weekend.

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