Running again

Last night was my first time that I ran since Feb 24th, almost a whole month because of the pneumonia. My short session on the treadmill was:
1 mile walk at 20min pace
0.25 mile at 12 min pace
0.50 mile at 10min pace
0.25 mile at 12min pace
1 mile walk at 20min pace

I wouldn’t say that it was difficult, but being on R&R for that long the body has to be reminded… “oh yeah, we run.” I feel fine today, I think the pollen in the trees are giving me a little run in my nostrils, but nothing bad.

My appointment for the final chest Xray is on April 5th, so I don’t want to go 100% until the doctor clears me. I’ll probably not go any faster than a 10min pace and probably not run more than 4 miles in any one session. I’m going to run again on Thursday!

We had a little care with Jen today which required a trip to the doctor’s office. Everything is A-Okay and we even got to see Baby Incognito again and more pictures! Incognito was asleep or at least sleepy because he/she was yawning (or maybe swallowing). So our next (scheduled) trip to the Doctor’s is April 6th.

UT is on Spring Break right now, so I haven’t had to tutor this week… nice break.

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