Expedited Marathon Report

Here is an excerpt from the Knoxville Marathon Discussion Forum

Great job runners! I sure wish that I was able to run with you all, but you know what… I had SO much FUN being a course monitor! Despite the fact that my intersection was rather busy with some understanding and not so understanding people, it was very enjoyable.

I saw Charles Kiwibot at 7:58am and he was EASILY ahead of the next marathon runner.

I only saw a handful of forum people at my post, but I was able to go to the stadium where I saw a bunch of the marathon people.

Some of the people I missed on the course
Ruth (rvalle) and her friends
Mary Lake (Mary) although I did see Pat and Yelled “Go Pat from Michigan”
John (JohnK)
Jarrell (smelvis)

People I saw
John (barrowjh)
Lisa (lilbrogers) – I recognized that purple hat before I saw your race number!
Arvel (Arvel Debty)
John (jhfenton) – when I saw you at 11 you looked strong at 26 you looked motivated and glad to be over. Congratulations on your HUGE PR (although you did miss the 5k awards )
Ray (Ray Green) -when I didn’t see Ray at 3:35 or at 4 hrs I thought either he TORE UP the course or something was wrong. Wish it hadn’t been the latter.
GaRebelRunner – I think it took you a second to realize what was going on when i yelled out your Forum name…
Bill (Valboski76)
Alan (docpepper) – You were right inside the upper limit of your prediction interval 4:30-5:00 and glad that you had enough information to reject the null hypothesis and accept the alternative that the person cheering was indeed me.
Nickolay (NVL)
Jim (Goat Dog) – Who at that intersection before the stadium, had his own cheering group! Great Job…
James (Knox Runner)
Andrew from DE (andrew) – I saw you early at mile 11, but by the time was able to look up your number, you had gone… I must have written down your time wrong because you were much earlier than I expected.
Annette (nuclearchik) – Along with hubby Tom and friend Andre’a. Funny comment Annette made about possibly running Nashville… “after [the hills] in Knoxville, Nashville will be a breeze”
Marty (Marty Velas) – and his lovely and talented wife Solange

Great Job Runners!

and from an email to a fellow KTCer:
I had an absolute blast. Apart from being able to running the marathon,
this was definitely satisfying being a part of the entire event. My
intersection at Forest and 20th was actually quite busy. Some of the
motorists were only looking for runner/walkers, but others were not. It
seemed that there an emergency and workers who were called in could not
get to where they needed to park. Huge Kudos to the Velo riders who
helped me out a great deal when I had cars in both directions! Also,
some people where trying to get to the NHC place (I have no idea where
is located). Glad to hear that it was a success, to the runners that I
have spoken with directly, they had a great time and I look forward to
hearing other race report

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