I figured that I should update my blog sometime this week. After all it is Thursday. And to boot, it is St Patty's Day and even though I won't be drinking green beer, I am going to drink a beer from a Green Can! So it all works out.

Tuesday I went walking around the track on Tuesday. Marty met me there and we walked around the track talking about his preparations for the marathon this Sunday. I tried to give him a few pointer mainly because he will be on his own this marathon. I originally was going to run with him and pace him for as long as I could so that he could get a 4:15 time. He thinks that he'll come in around 4:30-4:45 but I think that he is closer to a 4:15 and it wouldn't surprise me much if he is closer to 4:00. We will see on Sunday.

I know what my job is going to be for Sunday. I am going to be a course monitor at the intersection of Forest Ave and 20th. It is around the 11.4-11.5 mile mark during the race. I am excited because now I will be able to see the Full and the Half runners. Here is a picture of where I will be on the course

Jen and I made a list of the words that Eric knows. We came up with 30 words that he can say, not all the words are clear, such as “SpongeBob” sounds like “BunBob” but it is a specific word for a specific item.

Jen will be in Charlotte North Carolina for Mary Kay Career Conference Friday and Saturday. It's going to Boy's Days Out. I don't have anything concrete in plans, but I figure we will run some errands around town, plus go to the Marathon Expo on Saturday.

I found a discrepancy in our website with the way the pictures albums are stored. I am now having to reload most of the picture albums. For some reason, Dreamweaver does not want to auto change all the links, so I am having to do them myself. Luckily, DW can tell me which links are broken and if there are similar pages then it will fix them all at once. This helps cut down on time, but even with that I am only to Oct 2003 right now. This might take a few days.

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