Einstein's Weekend Theory

I think that Einstein should have concentrate on some Theory about weekends. How can such short amount of time, seem to be packed full of stuff, yet not be long enough. It's the not the whole “Time Flies when you are having fun” that is just perception. I'm talking this is some real stuff, maybe with the fabric of space and the dimensionality of time… I don't know.

Friday night we went to the mall to drop off some items for Jen's Saturday Mary Kay event at Cold Water Creek. It had been weeks since I had been in a mall and felt very very afraid. Nah, just kidding. It was weird seeing all the little teenagers hanging out in the mall with their little cliques. It's the I want to be different, but I hang out with people just like me. Hmmm, whatever works. After all in the teenage years, you are looking for self identity and they sell it at THE MALL! WOO HOO!

The weather man LIED! LIED LIED LIED. We were forecasted to have crappy weather on Friday night and Saturday. Saturday was AWESOME! It would have been a great day to go running, but alas, that did not happen. Jen went to go to her CWC event from like 2-5 in the afternoon, which Eric slept until 3 something. Then Pete was due to arrive around 5, but came in a little early. So, I took Eric outside to try to wash the car before Pete came got in. We made it to the carwash and I vacuumed the car, but then the car would not start. Dead as a door nail. I knew that the battery was going, but it died. I had to get a nice gentleman to give the civic a jump just to get home.

Pete and Eric played outside for quite a while until Jen got home. We decided to go out for dinner, thinking we could go to Aubrey's… 35 minute wait. So we went to Johnny Carino's… 30 minute wait. We were looking for something close to 20 minutes. So we went to Steak N shake… we waited about 10 minutes and got seated. Eric was having a blast with the Glass of Water and straw. He would drink from the straw but then reach into the glass to get an ice cube. The food was good, I think because I was hungry, but it filled a need.

Sunday morning I woke up and needed some more sleep. I ended up sleeping for another 1-1/2hours but woke up refreshed. When I woke up Pete and Jen were already working on Pete and my list of tasks as given by Jen P. The biggest one was to stack the washer and dryer. We ended up needing a part from a home improvement store so we broke for lunch and then Eric and Jen went to nap and Pete and I went on errand run. We went drove out to the Hilton so that Pete could check in (we did not see Paris). I took Pete over to Stokely where his seminar/class was going to take place and I also showed him my office. Next we went to the mall so that we could get the dryer parts from Sears and I could pick up the stuff from CWC. Next we made it to AutoZone to get a battery for the Civic. An observation that I shared with Pete was that the guy who sold us the battery told us to take the plastic cover off to expose the battery terminal. Uhhh, yeah. I wonder how many people have claimed a battery did not work, only to find out that it was the plastic cover… must have been a few. We had to swing into Home Depot to get another part for the dryer but our time to get home was getting smaller and smaller. We needed to get home so that we could watch Eric since Jen had a phone interview at 3, right when Eric was due to wake.

We made it home after 3 but Eric was still asleep, which meant that we could have gone to the grocery store. But chose to skip it to stay as close to schedule as possible. Never the less, the washer and dryer got stacked and the Civic has a battery. We have another list for when Pete comes back after his class on Wednesday. Lucky him.

We went to Calhoun's for dinner and I had the all you can eat ribs and a Pale Ale. I had asked for the Porter because it is my favorite, but it was out. I have to get on Marty about that!!! After getting home to put Eric to bed, Jen made phone calls and I went back out to the grocery store.

Sheesh, we were busy the past few days and with Jen going to North Carolina for Career Conference, it's going to be a busy week.

Baby Incognito was doing some MAJOR jumping on Saturday. I tried to get video of it but she/he is camera shy. As soon as I had the camera out he/she stopped… darn it! Jen's really showing now and the baby is really giving her back a run for her money. Her body is remembering what it was like to be pregnant and is making adjustments earlier than with Eric. Our next appointment is on April 6th, but I do not think that we are going to get an Ultrasound. I think it is more of the blood sugar test for Jen and gestational diabetes.

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