Germ Wars

Our battle rages on… us vs the germs. We are still sick, although Eric is out in the clear now. He only has some drainage now, mainly due to our temperature changes. I am getting there. My fever broke Monday night and I felt better on Tuesday. Today, the congestion is starting to dry up. I can't cough up as much phlegm but I can still feel it moving around in my chest. I think I am going to take hit of Xopenex from the nebulizer tonight, that should do the trick. Jen, the late bloomer, is on medication right now that she was prescribed yesterday.

Yesterday, we went to the doctor's place
to see our preborn's baby face
Oh, I believe in yesterday.

Suddenly, Jen P became sickie,
Dr. Fields prescibed some meddie.
Oh, yesterday came suddenly.

Walgreens wouldn't tell us how long to wait.
And we had errands to run for yesterday.

Yesterday, our sicknesses started to go away.
That have no place to hide away.
Oh, I believe it was yesterday.

Take one pill, twice a day.
for seven days, starting yesterday.

Yesterday, germs had such an easy game to play.
Now they just need to go away.
Oh, I believe in yesterday.
Mm mm mm mm mm mm mm.

Jen is on a six/seven day regiment of medication. She doesn't seem to get the same “bugs” that Eric and I get. I almost get what Eric has shortly after he has it. Jen may or may not get that, or get something complete different. All I can say it that I am glad I do not have the sore throat!

I think I will be well enough to run tomorrow. I chose not to swim today, again it is cold here and I didn't want to walk back to the office with damp hair. So, it will have been 7 whole days since the last time I ran. I know that it will have some effect on my performance at the marathon, however, I am glad that I did Myrtle Beach. Speaking of Myrtle Beach, I have pictures from the marathon. If you are in my website, click the running link at the top of screen and then to Myrtle Beach, if you are accessing this directly from LiveJournal, click the My Website link and follow the rest of the instruction.

We have a few pictures of Baby Incognito and I will post them when I get them scanned. We had a quick appointment yesterday, but everything looked good. The baby looked big!


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