New vehicle in oncoming pneumonia

We had an eventful weekend, lots of ups and downs and craziness.

For a while now, we have been contemplating getting a new vehicle. Not that we don’t like our 2000 Xterra, but that it is very high for Jen to climb in and out of, plus getting Eric in and out of the vehicle is so much more difficult for her with it so high. So a minivan was in our queue to check out and see what was available. We liked the Quest, Sienna and Odyssey and those were our main vehicles to check out. Earlier in the week, we received a letter from Toyota of Knoxville talking about a Sales Challenge they are having and that we have been invited to receive special pricing on a Toyota. So we figured that we’d go by Honda (next door) and check out Toyota. We’d already seen, and liked the Quest, but hadn’t played in the new Sienna or Odyssey although we have driven/ridden in later model versions.

We decided to go to Honda first to see what they had and then go to Toyota. We went inside of Honda to find a sales person, and met a nice gentleman named GP. We found out that they just had gotten a 2004 Odyssey the previous night and if detailing and servicing were done with it, we could take it for a test drive. It was a silver odyssey EX (top of the line) with an additional DVD player already installed. Although, we didn’t need a DVD player, it was a nice feature. Also, BOTH sliding doors were powered. So you could either open the door by hitting a button on the console or using the remote, a very nice feature. We also looked at a 2002 model that had some of the features but not all. We told GP that we’d like to see the vehicle in the daytime and that we’d be back the next morning. We only had a little while to get over to Toyota before they closed. So we went over to Toyota and the sales guy that we got was high on life. He was high energy and was veyr much like Troy from the first apprentice in his sales technique. We saw a couple of Siennas that were really nice but the price tag on them were quite steep.

We went home and did homework. We figured that we’d go back to Honda and see what we could get for the Xterra. So we researched online a number of places on trade in values for Odyssey and prices for what they should sell for from a dealer. One problem, our babysitter, over booked herself and was not going to be able to make it in the morning. So our dilemma was to either 1) one of us go alone or 2) bring Eric. Since Jen and I work better as a team, we decided to go together and that Eric would just have to deal with it.

After about 4 hours of deliberation, we came home with a Silver 2004 Honda Odyssey. So that makes us a Honda Family! I will post pictures of it when I get them.

Oh, Eric’s picture albums for 2004 are up and running. I now have to see what 2005 pictures we have to albumize. As for the boppy pictures, they are officially closed as of Month 16. We haven’t been up to taking his picture every tuesday. We will do a Baby Incognito Boppy picture, so don’t worry. Speaking of BI, we go in for another ultrasound tomorrow.

I was deathly ill on Sunday, so there was no running this week. This is not a good thing since I needed to get 10 miles in for my training. I hope to run tomorrow afternoon, but with the current forecast it might be on the dreadmill… yuck!

Miles for February = 76.4
Miles for 2005 = 126.4
Days until the Marathon = 19


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