Back in the day, when you took a multiple choice test, your teachers/professors would say “Go with your initial guess, it's probably correct.” There is some truth to that matter, plus with other techniques at how to work those tests, you can have a better success rate than pure random guessing. But what this preludes is that of hunches, your own spidey-sense, woman's intuition, etc. I have a interconnection to my spidey-sense, in that, when I have a hunch or if something “seems” to be correct, I go with it. Often, I end up with the correct answer.

Yesterday, I decided to forego my better judgment and I paid for it, well, not really, but the potential was there. At lunch yesterday, I went swimming at the aquatic center. On my way out, I had a thought “Hey, you need to check the locker one more time” but I thought, “I have everything, what could I have left behind.” So I get back to my desk and later in the afternoon, I wonder where my wedding ring might be as it is not on my hand. It is not uncommon for me to stash away in my desk or bookbag or with my change when I do sports. I have walked a couple of times with people on the soccer field looking for a ring, not fun. Anyway, I could not remember taking it off, I remember where I had it last and that was Tuesday after running, it was in my running bag and I thought that I took it out. I wondered if was in the aquatic center because that was the last place I would have taken it off (if I had it on) but it might be at home somewhere. So, I got home and it was no where to be found. Hmmm, so I remember my “hunch” that I dismissed yesterday and decided to go to the aquatic center to see if it had been turned in to the lost and found. Nope. The only logical place that it could be, unless I dropped it some where, was the locker. I went and found the locker that I use yesterday and there was my ring, sitting on the bottom, plan as day. I wonder if anyone saw it saying “That guy is going to be in trrrrouuuble!”. Luckily, no one took it and now I have it again. YAY! SO I have to listen to my hunches, even if it is only walking 15 feet, else the ending might not be as happy.


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