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Today, I made some minor website changes to the main website and my section of that site. In jenandterry, I put a current picture of Eric (January in New Orleans) along with a few webalbums that I had on my cruzer drive. I have about 15 more web albums to create and upload, plus pictures on Jen's camera that still need to be downloaded, sorted, and edited. With the computer programs these days, it doesn't take too awful long to create the web albums, but to keep all the pictures organized, it does. I use Web Picture Creator and Dreamweaver to update the websites. My blog, this thing, I edit this online at and it's linked to my part of the website ( This way, I do not have to load up Dreamweaver every time I want to edit my blog.

I ran some Yassos last night with Marty Velas around Tom Black Track. I was able to hold with him at a 4 minute 800m pace (about an 8 min mile) for four laps. The idea of a Yasso (named after a dude named Bart Yasso) is that you can predict your marathon time by how long it takes you to run 800m intervals. The protocol for this type of training is as follows: You want to run a 4 hr marathon, then you want to run your 800m in 4 minutes, then followed by 4 minutes of recovery jogging, then a 4 min 800m, recovery, repeat. This is an excellent interval training, which you can do about once a week, building on the number of repeats that you do. The Runner's World article about Yasso 800s is at this link.

Didn't get to see Eric yesterday with tutoring. Such is life on Tuesdays, but I will when I get home be on Eric duty for the night as Jen makes some calls in the early evening. Wednesday is our date night and the movie that we'll be watching tonight is Shrek 2. Heard it was good.

I forgot the cable to my camera today, else I would have picture of the finisher's medal Myrtle Beach this past weekend.

I have been active in the posting on the Knoxville Marathon Forum. One thing that I did today was to look back at the past 10 years on March 20th to see any patterns in the weather. Well, there has been precipitation for the last 6 year on March 20th. So, will it hold that it will rain on us on March the 20th, or will it be dryer. DUN-DUN-DUN…


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