Mr. 3000!

Mr. 3000? What is this all about? Well, it marks a running milestone , I have logged in over 3000 miles (since 1998). I am actually at 3019, since the marathon was a chunk of miles in the ole logbook. I am not sure how many shoes I have gone through since then, I might be able to figure it out, but I am not going to. I'll be running today on the track to give my muscles a little workout to get rid of the residual soreness. Today, they have been sore, but I have been able to transverse stairs rather easily.

Eric and Jen had an eye appointment today, but no word yet. If I hear before I post this blog, I will include it.

Eric was great over the weekend, he did very well in Myrtle Beach. He didn't get to play with his cousins very much over the weekend, which was all the same since Will was recovering from a virus. Devaney and Andy drove down from Wilmington to see me after the marathon. It was really good to see them, plus this was the first time that Andy had seen Eric. They didn't get to stay very long, but I was so tired that I fell asleep after they left.

Jen had a successful time in Myrtle Beach with her 2 debuts. 3 new unit members! YAY! But she has been wiped out for 2 days. Yesterday, it was like raising the dead to get her to wake up from an evening nap. I was out on Security patrol last night in the subdivision. For the first hour, I brought Eric with me so that Jen could sleep. He just sat there looking out of the window while we patrolled the neighborhood. It was a quiet evening and nothing exciting was happening, probably because it's not that warm outside and gets dark early still. Each homeowner takes turns doing a security watch for one night about every 16-18 months for a 4 hour stint.


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