Pre Myrtle Thoughts

I wanted to make sure that I updated my blog before we left for Myrtle Beach. I am not if I will update it while I am there, but I will try to get in a race report if at all possible. I am still pretty excited about running the full marathon distance and am unsure how fast I will run it or if I will pace myself slower than normal to conserve energy. Nonetheless, it should be just fine. I haven’t ran since last Tuesday, which is ill advised but my legs will well rested. And it’s not like I have not been exercising, I swam both Monday and Wednesday for a half a mile (800m).

Eric is doing fine. We got results back from his eye screening and they say that he might have some far sighted condition. I don’t know what it is called hyper-something-or-other. But we will have a optometrist check it out.

I am almost done getting my computer back up to speed. I’ll then be able to make Eric web albums and give you all something fresh to look at.

we, well… I, changed our BB&T checking account today to something a little more in our lifestyle now. It was no big deal, they were fast and friendly. I was pleased with the whole transaction, just the way that I like it.

On ESPN Sports Center, there was a highlight of a monkey dressed up as a cowboy riding on the back of a dog going through an obstacle course. It was hilarious… the monkey just thought that it was having a grand ole time.

I was thinking about the apple iPod, the Mp3 player that can hold to 40GB of music depending on the version you get. Currently, I have our complete CD collection ripped on one of the extra hard drives at home and it only take up 22GB (because of how I ripped the CDs). In essence, I would have all my music PORTABLE. I could play it in either car with the Cassette adapter for the headphone jack, or on the stereo with a RCA jack. But really, right now, I need something that is very portable with an armband… and inexpensive. Currently I am looking at a Creative MuVo Sport C100, Rio Cali, and RCA lyra 2010. All of them have MMC expansion slots (I have a 512MB card I can use), they have a armband included and have some form of a FM radio.

Did you catch the news about American Samoa? Cyclone Olaf took a stab at the islands. See Story They were pretty much out of the path with no major damage, but given the location and damage will take a while to fix.

Here’s a funny… I have had gray hairs for a while now, mainly near my ears that Jen likes to point out. Well, now I have one prominent gray hair right on my forehead. I will have to take a picture… ahhh crap, I might start looking my age now! 😀

Miles for 2005: 91.2


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