Back from the dead

I have communed with the computer demons and have reached a conclusion. I must exorcise my old hard drive! On sunday, I went out to Best buy to purchase a 80GB HDD that after rebate would set me back only $40, something that I can handle. After playing some dosey-doh with my existing hard drives, my computer is back online! Woo-Hoo! I am now in the process of taking stuff off the corrupted drive and moving it to the new drive. I have come across that some of my American Samoa pictures are corrupted, but I have back-ups. It looks like Eric's pictures are all intact, so that is a relieve. I will have spend some time installing some software, like Office. Hopefully, and I mean this lightly, that I will have some new stuff for you next week, make that late next week. I know that some of you are going through Eric withdrawals right now… let me just tell you that Jen got a great picture of him!

I did not run all weekend due to the rain and cold. I am being a wuss and I know it. I really should have ran Saturday morning, but it was rainy and 40, so I was not very motivated to do a training run. As a result of Saturday, I am not in a short and quick taper period. Huh, what?! Marathon 101 in session, your teacher… Professor T-money aka Daddoo. The taper is a period of time, usually 10-14 days, before a marathon where the runner decreases the distance and amount ran per week. It is intended to rest the body and thereby having peak strength/stamina on the race day. I can see that you are already doing the math in your head… the Knoxville Marathon isn't until March 20th, that's FOUR weeks away. Congratulations, your intuitive thoughts have figured out that I am doing a marathon very soon, err, Saturday to be exact. On Saturday, I am going to run the Myrtle Beach Marathon for the second time. It didn't start out as this, I was originally supposed to run Straw Plains 1/2 marathon and Jen was going to Myrtle Beach for two Mary Kay events. When her transportation fell through, i.e. flying was too expensive, she decided to drive and I stepped up to be her driver. Now, I had originally tried to sign up for the half marathon, but it had already met its 2000 person limit. So, it was either run the marathon or run the 5k on Friday night. I was not going to pay $30 for a 5k, that is outrageous, so I signed up for the marathon. I can use this as a training run seeing that it will still be 4 weeks out from Knoxville. I should not have any ill effects from MB Marathon unless I get injured badly during the race. Myrtle Beach is really flat, so I doubt that any of that will happen. It will give me a good idea of how I will do at Knoxville, kind of like a dress rehearsal.

Miles for 2005: 91.2

Eric had a good weekend. we didn't get to go outside at all but he had some fun times inside playing. His language is improving every day. He can clearly say “Bubble” and can blow bubbles using the wand. He does the Ring-Around-The-Posey dance and falls down when we fall down. He is pretty strong too. He can carry almost 2 quarts of water from one end of the house to the other. He wanted to help filling up the humidifiers, so I let him. we noticed yesterday that Eric has been eating a lot the past few days, perhaps the onset of a growth spurt here. Jen said that he'll eat a whole banana by himself. He enjoys eating at the dinner table with Mommy and Daddy (Daddoo) but doesn't have the patience to stay there the entire time. Eric knows how a door knob works, but since all of our door knobs and light switches are a little higher than normal homes, he can only grab the doorknob, but can't turn it yet. When we sign “Old MacDonald” he can do the E-I-E-I-O except he says something like AH-E-AH-E-AH.


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