Art meets Science

Another late night last night with my tutorees. I can’t really tell you how they did on their classwork, but I can tell you that I do enjoy this whole teaching gig that I have. At least the one-on-one stuff is pretty good. I think that I’ll need to take some graduate math classes so that I can teach at least Math at a community college level. I would like to go back for a Ph. D. in something, but that won’t be until Jen has her Mary Kay business set to were she is replacing my income, which we figure should be in about 4 years, give or take.

Last night before tutoring, I went to volunteer at a Knoxville Track Club event called “Art meets Science”. I didn’t get to stay for the speakers, but was the door greeter. I had fun with it while I was there. They had wine and lasagna, which I did not partake of any. I didn’t want my students to smell alcohol on my breath and lasagna is yucky. For those that don’t know, I could not eat any italien, tomato based substance, like lasagna or even spaghetti. This made for interesting times at function where lasagna is provided because it can feed the masses. Not me, I had to fend for myself, or just eat a lot of bread. I would get physically sick after eating these foods, which was odd because I liked tomatoes (or tomatos) on sandwiches and I didn’t mind catchup. (Kudos to Pulp Fiction that turned me on to French Fries and mayonnaise). I can eat spaghetti now, and most of the other pasta dishes, although I can’t stand going to Olive Garden. Their menu is just so hard for me to pick an item off the menu. I don’t have a problem with the other italian restaurants, so I don’t know why. My favorite way to eat spaghetti is to use Ranch Dressing with Hot sauce as my sauce, I can eat that NO PROBLEM.

I didn’t get to run last night, since I was volunteering. I am looking get out on the road on Sunday morning for maybe 6 miles or so. I have a weird ankle problem in my right ankle that just popped up. I think it maybe swimming related, but am not sure. At the base of my ankle, slightly on the inside, I have a tender spot on my right leg. It does not hurt to run, it’s not swollen and it doesn’t look like I hit it against anything (not that I remember). I think it started on Wednesday, but I can’t remember when, if it was before or after swimming. I don’t believe that it is running related, because although i did run swiftly on Tuesday, I didn’t have any “events” during the run. I was planning on running the Strawberry Plains 1/2 marathon on the 19th, but now it looks like I will be doing something different. Next weekend, I will be going with Jen to Myrtle Beach. It just so happens to be the same weekend as the Myrtle Beach marathon, how convenient. In addition, they are having a 1/2 marathon and a 5k as well that weekend. This left me with “Do I do the full marathon as a training run or do I race the half marathon” after some serious debating with myself and also putting the question out on the knoxville marathon forum, I decided that I would do the Half Marathon. This way, I can get a mid mileage run as a Tempo run or so I thought. It seems that the Half Marathon is sold out! So now here are my options: 1) Run the marathon as a long training run or 2) Race the first half of the marathon and then slooooowwwww down for the second half or 3) Run the 5k, which is expensive for a 5k $30 or 4) Do a run, by myself and it would not be very fast at all. Looking at the website, I can only imagine that the 5k is sold out as well. So know I do not know what to do… any suggestions?


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