Flurries are what we had today, basically all day with some sunshine mixed in there to melt the snow. Here are some pictures of what it looked like at its peak prettiness.

2005 Flurries

Don’t bother to look for the cool thing that was supposed to happen today. It probably won’t happen until friday, maybe saturday.

My computer is still scanning… going on day 14 tomorrow. sigh… to have a computer

For Lent I am giving up Chocolate. I have done this before and it sucks. Well, it is only bad that I choose not to eat it and that it is near Easter when all delicious varieties are available. I think I will have to hoard massive quantities of chocolates for after Easter. One reprieve is that there are guidelines for Lent, that Sundays are days in which you can have/do what you gave. I, personally, think that this is cheating, but in this instance, I might choose to partake of some cocoa bean derivatives on Sunday. I must eat the Cadbury Creme Eggs… I must eat the Cadbury Creme Eggs…

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