HAL: I'm sorry [Terry], I'm afraid I can't do that.

Throw me back into the computer woes category. After about 3 weeks of computer success, I am back at square 1. It seems that sometime yesterday, my computer was in the hibernation/powerdown mode. When I tried to bring it back to life, It seemed to hang. So I did a warm reboot and when it went through the load up, it started a perpetual reboot. It would get past the Windows logo screen but then a blue screen would flash for a split second and the computer would reboot. I managed to get the computer to stop at the prompt where I can load windows via Safe Mode or some other choices. Well, it got hung on loading one of the drivers. My suspicion is that the video driver has become corrupt and is stopping Windows from loading properly. After a couple of troubleshooting maneuvers, I managed scandisk to run, which it found some errors. I left the computer going through a physical scan of the harddrive and I could see that there were a few bad clusters on the the drive. Hopefully when I get home it will have made any correction and I can get my computer back.

I ran 2.6 miles at a new greenway (to me) in Knoxville. It is really close to my house and is an asphalt greenway around two soccer fields and next to the lake. It was very cold and particularlywindy on one leg of the greenway. I was trying to squeeze some running in between watching Eric and going back to UT for my Physics tutoree.

I have a Physics tutor for this semester on Thursdays. I think that I might pick up a Calculus person here next week. So far I have had no Statistics students… what is up with that.

We go in for our 20 wk Ultrasound. SO, if my computer is fixed by them, maybe I will have some pictures to post. I had been working on photo albums of Eric to update the ancient albums and they are on my dead computer. Woe is Me!

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