The limit as x approaches infinity is 1

SO what if I had started a blog entry and I accidentally lost it… Ooops

So where was I? I went to the doctor’s yesterday, not because I was sick, but because I was getting a family doctor. Ever since my pediatrician, Dr. Drewry, I have only gone to walk-in clinics. One reason is because I could and I did not know any doctors. Since we have HMO insurance now, we had to get a primary care doctor. So under the recommendation of our neighbor, I chose this one. Most of the check up was fine other than I need to lay off of the caffeine. I will find out about bloodwork today or tomorrow. I am interested to seeing what my fasting cholesterol numbers are. My last non-fasting level (when I gave blood) was just over 200. I’ll be able to compare this fasting test with one that I had in the summer of 2003. Details to follow.

GREAT NEWS! My fraternity brother Capt John Monihan has now left Iraq and is on his was to Kuwait and then back home! Yippee! And he is safe and sound. Need less to say, his wife Kathy is pretty darn happy! I chatted with her over IM this morning and they are planning a weekend getaway shortly after he is back.

Last night I had a calculus student for most of my time in the Math Lab. Now, I do not mind calculus one bit except it was more theory problems than applied. I enjoy theory when I am just learning it, just don’t ask me to prove anything. So we had a bunch of problems with limits that were hurdles but we overcame them with little problems. I am grateful for these sessions because it keeps the theory in my head and it forces me to think about it since I need to explain it in such away that is more understandable than a text book. I might be getting a physics tutoree from the women’s rowing team, do not know exact details yet.

I have not run since Sunday, but I need to get a few miles in today for my 10 mile run on Saturday. My schedule allows for me to exercise on Tuesday nights before Math Lab, but since my Doctors Appt was in Farragut, I went home instead of going straight back to campus. Technically, I should be swimming right now, but maybe tomorrow, my swim bag is not put together yet.


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