Artic Chill

It was a pretty nice weekend around here, if you were a penguin. We were told in the late part of last week that we would have a significant snow even com the weekend. The forecast was a bunch of rain on Satuday that would turn into snow over night and snow on Sunday. Well, we did get rain and snow, but in quantities much, much less than predicted. Even though it was gloomy for most of Saturday, we did not get any rain until the afternoon/evening and then it was not that much. The snow came in a light form over night and we received a dusting of snow. It was the dry powdery kind that stuck to the road and not the grass. By noon, everything was about gone, but some kids still got out today… due to icy road conditions.

I ran 6.6 miles on Friday afternoon, at a 8:13 pace, 8:56 pace and a 10 min pace for 3 loops of 2.2 miles respectively. It was the first time that I did a mid distance run at any significant speed and I was pleased at the results even though they were not consistent. Seeing that I was scheduled to run 18 this week and with what was the forecast and other variables, I decided that a run on Friday and Sunday would suffice. I was not sore on Saturday, but took the day off, anticipating that I would get to run on the treadmill on Sunday. I was able to run the 6.6 loop again on Sunday with Marty. We ran the first 2 loops (4.4 miles) at a 9:45 pace and being within 4 seconds of our split times between laps. Our last lap we blazed at a 8:10 min pace. I think that we are going to try to run 9:30-9:45 min miles at the marathon, at least that is our goal right now… we still have 8 weeks.

New England and Philadelphia are playing in the Superbowl. My prediction is that New England will get another throphy. Comparing the two teams, NE has more of a complete package than Philly. If Brady is having a bad game, there are plenty of other people on the NE team who can make plays and offset Brady’s Mistakes. Philly, on the other hand, is more symbioticwith McNabb, in that, when McNabb is playing poorly so does the rest of the team. The both are good perennial teams and we probably should have seen this combination years ago, but now we see some powerhouses go at it. I imagine that Terrell Owens will provide plenty of sound bites leading up to the big game and I hope he gets to play. I do not know his status, but the Superbowl deserves the Super Players. So it should be a good game. Also, if Kelly Clarkson has a wardrobemalfunction, that’ll be sweet but I digress. I also look forward to the commercials just like everyone else… also what is the deal with Nike commercial with the tribal/urban head gear. Urlacher with a square barbed wire helmet? What the…

I look forward to the balmy 30 weather this week…


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