You can't tune a tuna

But you can sure find a bunch of crap on the internet about them. I am currently updating the numbers for the American Samoa report that I am writing for work. There is a bunch of information on the internet about tuna and tuna accessories. Luckily enough, I only have to concentrate on the Starkist and Chicken of the Sea since they are the canneries in American Samoa. Bumblebee Tuna, of Ace Ventura fame, is canned in Thailand as is most of the other tuna sold in the United States. I have been doing that all day long so now I am taking a break from the fishiness.

We are forecasted to get some snow in the next few days. Saturday is supposed to be rainy and then transform into snow overnight. Seeing that I need to do my long run on Sunday morning, I am just so thrilled! It will be most yucky running the 18 miles that I need to run. Today isn’t very sunny right now, but tonight I will be on the treadmill after Eric is asleep. I can try to get 5 in tonight, but that is 2 more than I like to do on a treadmill.

I currently have a choice to make. On Feb 19th I can either:
1) Run Strawplains
2) Be in the Myrtle Beach Marathon and use that as a race rehearsal for Knoxville.

The biggest problem that I see with running MB is that it is 4 weeks out from “The Big Show” and even though I know that it is far enough away from Knoxville to not be a problem, I do not think that I would really benefit from running that far.

I’ve also done MBM before, so it wouldn’t be anything new. But I can’t get out of my head that it would be a nice monitored, water/gel supplied course that I could get a relatively good idea on what to expect in Knoxville.

Jen and I watched American Idol in St. Louis last night. It was typical AI preseason show although I thought they showed the judges extremely mean to some of the contestants (some rightly so) right before them. Not much else to say about that since it is too early and we are watching it to see the “train wrecks” that tried to audition. (I would be one of them)

We then watched Point Pleasant on Fox, which was rather interesting. Without going to the homepage to read the actual discription, it seems like a story about a chick whose dad might be The Man Downstairs born to a mortal woman. She apparently has some effect on other based on her mood, and influences those around her. Much like a Jedi Mind trick, if she is happy everyone else is happy. It’s like a Carrie meets X-files in Kingdom Hospital with a hot younger (and older) cast that only Fox can cast (re: Dark Angel, The OC, X-Files, etc). I am going to try to catch the second episode to see if it is worth watching.

I might have a Physics tutoree, not sure yet but maybe.


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