I vunt to suck your blood

Yesterday was a really long day and I did not get to see Eric at all. Poohey.

I made it into work at a decent hour yesterday, hopefully I am on schedule again. Seeing that I woke around 5:30 yesterday and today. Although today my eyes were very heavy and I proud that I did not fall back into bed for that extra 5 minutes (read 15 minutes) of sleep. Jen and I have a Free Trade coffee – French Roast in the rotation right now, that helps with the 5:30am sleepiness. Also, Jen earned a FREE under the cabinet CD/Radio player from Mary Kay, so I can now have a radio in the kitchen in the morning. To hear the inane conversation of the local radio stations does help with staying awake in the morning, it’s my daily dose of pop culture.

I started to plan my route for the Mr. Arfns Marathon, which is only a run that I started back in 2001 when my friend Devaney was training for the Marine Corp Marathon (His first). He came down to Knoxville for my birthday which happened to coincide with his Marathon Training, in fact, it was his long long training run. So as an incentive, I told him that I would run with him and so I constructed the Mr. Arfns Marathon that ran from Volunteer Landing to Faragut for a total of 26 miles. I even produced T-shirts for all of the runners, each shirt was unique. Funny thing though: I have yet to wear mine once. Regardless, we had 6 runners at the start and due to schedules, it was just me and Devaney at the end. We did a 4/1 run/walk routine, which is run for 4 minutes and walk for 1 minute and we did this at Devaney’s pace. Despite it being a slow pace for me, I think the experience is what allowed me to achieve my marathon PR time of 4:09 at Richmond that year. Anyway, this past December, one of the runners suggested that I should bring it back which I had been contemplating because I need a long run of 20+ mile for the Knoxville marathon training. So, yesterday, I started downloading jpg off of mappoint.com so that I can construct maps to figure out the actual course. I’ll then use a program called USA photo maps to figure out the distance so that I do not have to drive the course to find out the mileage. Although Knoxville has a strong running community (we have been called “Little New York” by Runner’s World) the roads here are not runner-friendly, hence our extensive but choppy Greenway system. The course is ran on some Greenway, some sidewalks, and some fend-for-yourself roadways but it will get me from one end of the city to the other with stops at convenient stores on the way. In 2001, we actually had a support crew of Jen and Andy that drove to places along the course with water and bagels. I am not sure if I will have that same support this year, so I want the route to run past these places so that I can replenish when it is necessary.

While thinking about my training runs for the marathon, I saw that my Church’s Blood Drive was on the 26th and that the Calhoun’s 10m was on the 29th. Since I wanted Calhoun’s to be a race rehearsal and warm-fuzzy, I have come to realize (the hard way) that when I give blood, I will not perform well at a race a few days after the donation. So that I can still give blood but also race Calhoun’s I decided yesterday that I would stop by Medic before I went to go tutor. It wasn’t a bad experience, although it was not a very good one. First of all, I was not prepared because I had on a long-sleeved tshirt AND a sweater. So I had to take my sweater off, so I was in a Umbro Tshirt and Corduroy pants (goofy lookin’). Next, I had a new employee, which she did a fine job, but when it came to declare that I had been out of the country to American Samoa, it took about 5 minutes to get the correct wording on the paperwork. Good news though, I do not have to mention it again (you usually have to declare leaving the country for 3 years). Next, I am usually a good bleeder. I have easy veins to find, but yesterday, it took me over 12 minutes to donate a pint. In fact, the lady had to come over after about 5 minutes to “fish” for a better connection into the vein. But I finished, I got my Tshirt, Cookies and soda and was off to tutor.

my second job that I have is that I tutor for the athletic department two nights a week. On Tuesdays, I am at the Math Lab and on Thursdays, I have appointments. In the Math Lab we get a variety of different classes. Most of the classes are the basic classes that the student has one or two questions about the homework. I have yet to have a student who is completely hopeless at learning the subject. I really enjoy tutoring and when Jen becomes a Elite Executive Sales Director and I can retire in two/three years, I would love to continue to tutor, it would be a great part time job.

So a new dilemma has arisen. In Feb, Jen is going to Myrtle Beach for a debut of some of her consultants and this falls on the same weekend as the Strawberry Plains Half-marathon. So, do I let Jen take Eric to Myrtle Beach, or do I watch Eric over the weekend and NOT run the race or do I go with them and run the Myrtle Beach Marathon as Dress Rehearsal for Knoxville (it would 4 weeks away, so I could run it slowly and be okay). I have run Myrtle before, so it would not be a new marathon and it would be $65 as opposed to like $12-15 for Strawplains.

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