Year in Review

This year has been fairly good up to this point. We watched UT beat the socks off of Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl. Sunday, we took down all of the inside Christmas decorations and packaged them away for next year. we broke out all of our scrapbooking material so that she and her consultants could make their Mary Kay goal posters. Only one person made it, Janie and she made a pretty awesome goal poster. Jen didn’t make hers yet, but will in the near future.

As of total I have 6 miles for this year, all on the treadmill. I was supposed to run on Saturday morning, but that feel through and then I was too tired to run on sunday morning. I really really need to get my mileage in. I think that I am going to do a super duper long run the first or second week of February which will be about 6 weeks out from the marathon.

Jen had an appointment on the 5th for Baby Incognito. No pictures this time but the heartbeat was about 130-140 and sounded good. Our next appointment is not until Jan 31st when they do a full blown ultrasound, so we will have new pictures then.

Jen did say that she felt some movement yesterday while driving. With Eric, I felt him on Feb 14th, which almost corresponds to right now with Baby Incognito, so I am hoping that I can feel movement any day now.

tomorrow we are leaving for a week for some Mary Kay fun and excitement. We are first going to Orlando for our National Sales Director Sylvia Kalicak’s debut for becoming a National sales Director. Then on Sunday we are driving from Orlando to New Orleans for Leadership Conference. I am going to watch Eric while we are New Orleans, although I would rather be going to the conference. I can’t complain because any day visiting New Orleans is a good day.

12.27.04 through 12.31.04
Our goal was to leave Loris around 11 am and I knew that we’d never leave until noon at best, which is our plan to say we are leaving early but have a later anticipated departure. During our travels from Loris to Colonial Heights, there was very little excitement. In fact, the only real problem was on Interstate 95, in the middle of North Carolina, we were averaging around 20-30 mph. The reason for this was that a snow storm had hit central NC and the beach area of Va a few days earlier. Now, the roads were fine, but there was snow on the ground. Once you got to the VA state line, however, the snow was gone.

We made it to Colonial Heights and where we saw Great-Grandmother Higgins, Grandpa Higgins and Janet. All waiting to see Eric and the changes since October. For GGma Higgins, this was their first meeting. I think it would have been nice to have been able to bring Eric when he was smaller and less mobil so that she could hold him. Eric is a wild child now and does not sit down very much anymore.

Tuesday (28th) our goal was to find some boots for Jen and for the Xterra to get an oil change. Both were successful. Eric ended up sleeping throughout the oil change and even while Pete and I went to get me a Slurpee…mmmmmm. After dinner, Jason and I arranged for him to come to visit, which was his first time meeting Eric. Jason and his wife Kim are Eric’s godparents. Being that Kim is very near due with thir second child and Jen’s tiredness of being on her feet all day looking for boots, it was just Jaymo and I cruisin’ the Boulevard. We ended up going to Friendly’s which is where we often went when we were in High School. Jason actually worked at that Friendly’s for a while. I got my absolute favorite, a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup sundae made with chocolate ice cream. Jaymo and I caught up with what was going on plus reminisced about the good ole days.

Wednesday (29th) we left Colonial Heights and traveled 460W to Roanoke and then down to Knoxville via 81 and then to 40. We stopped in Blacksburg to see on of my UT Stats compadres, David Edwards. He is currently pursuing his Ph. D in statistics from Va Tech and should be finishing in 2007ish. It was good seeing his, unfortunately his wife Beth was at work, but we did spend a while with him at a Wendy’s right off the interstate.

We made it home just fine and I got to feed Spunky. Spunky is our across the street neighbor Sheila and Jim Kohl’s pet gecko. Now, she doesn’t speak like the one that Geico has, but getting to feed her is pretty cool. She gets fed crickets into her aquarium home where she hunts them down and eats them. She pauses like a cat and even her tail wags before she lunges. She is not accurate all the time and sometimes gets a mouthful of sand. Here are a few pictures of her.

Spunky Gecko 1
Spunky Gecko 2

Spunky Gecko 3

New Years Eve we spent with Marty and Solange at their house. we had Ham, potatoes and coleslaw for dinner. After the kids went to bed we watched the movie Dodgeball which was a pretty funny movie.


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