Almost back online

After almost two weeks of not having internet or computers, for that matter, I am almost online again. I solved my windows problems, who knew that a 3 and S are TOTALLY different. Well, I DO, now… heehee. However, my next obstacle is that my Linksys Wireless Card can SEE the router but cannot connect to it. I have tried a bunch of different attempts to get the card to recognize the router, but it WILL not connect. Had it worked earlier this week, I would have been happier since I have been battling the card for, oh 4 days now. Today we bought a Netgear USB wireless adapter and that is dead in the water, it will not even turn on, no flashing lights, so I have to return that tomorrow. Ugh. I did hear back from PCCHIPS and hope that they give me a RMA number for the Kaput motherboard, then I could have two machines running. I was supposed to get a Linux CD from David (my Brother-In-Law) but I slept through most of Christmas, more on that later…

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