Stomachs are a churnin'

Seems that the Higgins household has been rocked by another virus. We are guessing that it is a stomach bug that Eric may have picked up from the Velases last Thursday. We babysat Zoe, Paul and David as a last minute favor for Marty and Solange. Everyone seemed to have a good time, we discovered that Eric loves Matchbox cars. He would drive them around the coffee table making the driving noises. Solange let him take 2 home with him. Now Eric does have a few matchbox cars of his own, but they are still in the packages. They are almost like collectibles as they were his very first cars.

Over the weekend, Eric wasn’t that hungry and was feeling pretty yucky. On Sunday night, he had a 101.3 fever, which wasn’t that bad but uncomfortable for him. He threw up in the mornings but was rather chipper for the rest of the day. Yesterday, my stomach started to feel bad. I wasn’t that hungry but I didn’t think that I was going to throw-up or anything. It was a shame too because Jen was having her Star Consultant Dinner at Olive Garden and I only had about 2 spoonfuls of Minstrone soup. This morning, Jen woke pretty sickly feeling. She has rescheduled her doctors appointment, which all we were doing was finding the heartrate and a general checkup. This means that we probably will now have new ultrasound pictures on January 3rd! Stay Tuned.

If you haven’t seen our holiday card you can click here.

More computer problems,My one computer that was using has died. I have emailed the manufacturer about a new motherboard, no word yet. So, I took some of the parts out of the sick computer and put them into the new computer. I tried to put Win XP on the good computer but that did not work at al. So now I havea computer that sort of works. It can connect to the internet, but I am afraid to connect it to the internet because it is lacking some of the security features. I have a few other options before I really get some computer rebuilding going. I probably should just order a new motherboard now, so that I can have 2 good computers working. Since Jen has her laptop, I don’t really need two computers, but I do need to get Eric’s pictures up and running. If can construct the albums before Christmas, that would be AWESOME!

I am SOOOOOO excited:

Yoda Rocks


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