Yesterday was a rather busy day for me and an exciting one for my mobile phone. We had a meeting scheduled with the people at the Department of Labor who awards us contracts. This would include my American Samoa trip and the report that I will generate. We were scheduled to have 3 separate meetings and then hopefully making a few courtesy stops, if time permitted. Our goal was to go up and back in a day.

Our flight was at 7:00am on Independence Air, which is owned by Atlantic Coast Airlines, one of my past employers. Of course now they have 50 seater jets instead of the gritty Jetstream 41 – 29 seater turbo prop. I flight went very well, it was fast and even though it was crowded it wasn't cramped. We made it to Dulles at about 8:35ish, went to find the Metro Flyer and then waited until the next bus came to the terminal. I called Jo Ann Foltz to see how she was and if there was any chance of meeting, since I would have about an hour or so before my plane departed in the evening. Unfortunately, work had her stuck and since she lives inside the beltway, there is no escape!

This was my first time with the Metro and it showed. I did a lot of watching other going through the process of using the machines to get a farecard and then getting past the meters. The ride into the city was fine, we only had to transfer from the orange line to the red line, other than that no problems. We made it to the DOL, about 10am and had our first meeting at 10:15. After our second meeting, we went to the cafeteria on the 6th floor and I had a small pizza and diet pepsi. I was living large on a part day's per diem!

Before we went to lunch, I found out that my mobile phone was downstairs at security. Hmmm… how di it get there and how did they know whose it was??? Our american samoa meeting was at 2:20 and lasted right until 3pm, when we were scheduled to leave to go back to the airport. We went back to security to drop off our badges and pick up our drivers license. Before I made it halfway through the Commons area, one of the Security guards said “Mr. Higgins”, “That's me, do you have something of mine?” “Yes, we found it here at the security checkpoint”. Apparently, someone found my phone, put it on the security counter, the security people then went through and called numbers until they got Pete. Pete then called Jen, but she was out, and he realized that he had my work number, so he called work. Dr. Schriver called our contact at DOL, who confirmed to security that I was in the building.

With mobile phone in hand, we made it back to Dulles and I stayed outside of security so that I could see Devaney. We were both hoping that we'd have more time to spend, but the security line was very long. We cut our meeting short so that I could take off my shoes to get through security. Our plane was about on time and we got to Knoxville a few minutes early.

The trip overall was successful and I was happy to be home. I did get to see Eric when I got home for 2 minutes. Also, I did run on the treadmill for 3.1 miles at a 9:22 pace. I think I am going to run early early on saturday (brrrrrr) for 12 miles, or a really should do 14 miles, but we have plans on saturday morning

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