Saturday Excursions

12.11.04 Saturday Excursions
Today was very busy for the whole Higgins family. I woke up to what sounded like Eric throwing up. In the mornings, he has has congestion that drains which causes him to cough. So, I lay in the twilight of snoozing the alarms as Eric is hacking away. He doesn’t really wake up and so I don’t tend to him until 7am or so which is his normal wake up time. yes, he sleeps continuously for 12 hours. Jason Turner my buddy from forever said that his girl Lauren wakes up now mainly because she dreams now. I thought that was very interesting. Anyway, this morning about 6:30 it sounded like Eric cough some and the threw up. Well, he didn’t thank goodness and since I already committed him to wake up, he was up early.

Jen and I are battling a cold, well, I think all three of us are battling a cold of some sort. So, I let Jen sleep until 7:30 because she needed to get up for her Mary Kay Rally. We had gotten everything ready the night before and the food was in the Xterra, but the one thing that was missing was raffle tickets. I had taken some out, but Jen thought they were in there… sorry. Regardless, we got Jen a little late, only 15 minutes, to her rally. Of course 5 minutes after we went there the guests started showing up. Eric and I went to Kroger to get some tissues, since we were out and Eric and i have runny noses, we were in the market for snot rags. Eric and I played at the house for a few hours. Jen got a Christmas Gift/Business Expense – a laptop for her Mary Kay business. It will be her computer. The timing can’t be anymore perfect because I have to use her desktop computer while my computer’s motherboard will be replaced. So, I put some programs on that and started to transfer files

Eric and I then went on to Best Buy to return our phone system. The transaction went well although Best buy is a ZOO! I won’t go back until after Christmas. We went to Bi-Lo to get some First Rally Flowers for Jen. Eric didn’t quite make it back to the house before he was out. As we were passing the parking lot of Jen’s Training Center, she was leaving the parking lot! So we got home at the same time. She was able to share about her successful rally while I got my stuff to run with Marty Velas

Marty and I ran 12 miles along the Alcoa/Maryville Greenway. We had some flooding that we had to negotiate. I wish I had brought my camera because there were some neat water scenes. Other points of interest. We saw two clams, or clam like creatures, one dead fish on the greenway that didn’t stay with the receding water and one sassy crawfish. He was big and would have been great in a Po’ Boy. Marty antagonize him briefly and he stood his ground taking some swipes with his claws at Marty. He let him be, just wishing him well as we left. I had only wanted to do 10 miles since I figured that was about as far as I could go, but we did 12 instead. I hit the wall at mile 9.5, which was close to my estimate. I had to stretch every 0.5 miles after that. Marty was patient with me and we finished in less than 2 hours, including a negative split! My legs are sore and should be sleeping instead of typing this but oh well…

Jen and I saw Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban this evening at the Dollar-Fifty Theatre. My price. I thought it was good. The new director stayed with the spirit of the first two movies but let allot out from the book. The third book is my favorite book and so i was a little disappointed at what was left out. Jen and I talked about it on the way home, but she did make the point that the books are getting bigger. I would hate to see how long the fifth book’s movie would be. Well, off to bed… maybe.


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