I now have a livejournal blog set up. The that blog is here Terry’s LiveJournal Blog. The nice thing about this one is that you can have a RSS feed and if you have a aggregator you can check quickly if I have update the web blog. As I mentioned before, I should be able to embed that blog onto this website, so that the two can be one. Although I chose the free version, I may ave to upgrade to get all the features that I need.

Jen is having a Mary Kay rally this Saturday and she is very excited about it. i have never been to one, so I am not sure what is going to go on there, but I would share I knew. I have been making arrangements for our crazy trip to Orlando and then New Orleans in January. Our National Sales Director (Jen’s goal) Sylvia Kalicak is having her National Debut on a Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, Mary Kay’s Leadership Conference (for Directors) starts in New Orleans. So what this means is that we are going to Fly to Orlando, on my old airline! We are going to participate in Sylvia’s Debut and then Drive Saturday night, stay at a hotel and then on Sunday night get into New Orleans for Jen’s conference. Eric is coming with us and since I can’t go to Leadership with Jen, Eric and I are going to tour around New Orleans!

I am hoping that my training for the Knoxville Marathon will start Saturday morning. If I don’t start soon, then I won’t have a chance at a good time. Good time, meaning my overall race time. I am sure that I will have a blast at the race and am really excited about finishing in Neyland Stadium. I wonder if I could some how pick up Eric right at the end and run with him over the finish line. They are supposed to show you on the Jumbotron and a race picture with Eric at the finish would be cool.

We have been slack with our Christmas card this year. I am just about done creating the picture for this year it has been long in the making. We have not had any great inspiration this year, but I think the card we have this year will suffice. More to come on that.


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