I think in the next few days you might see the website changed a little. First of all, the back ground that I have been using for the past 2 years is getting a little old, I may opt for something fresher. A larger change is that I have run across a blogging site that lets you embed your blog into you own website. The advantage that this has is that you can comment to specific blogs, not the archaic way that I have set up right now. The site is called livejournal and I am waiting to hear some info from someone who is using it before I decide it. The nice thing is that it has automatic RSS feeds. I know that at least ONE person is saying ” What is RSS and why is it hungry?”. Basically, you get an RSS aggregator and submit the Feed links into this program. The aggregator will check each of the links to see if there are any updates. This way you can check a number of different sites in one fell swoop. Yahoo is moving toward this, because you can get, for example, News Headlines as they are posted. In Firefox, which I use as my internet browser, I have a very small program called Sage that allows me to check my favorite feeds and click the latest and greatest.

I am cured of my Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. I can now swallow and eat like normal. Of course, I lost 5 pounds with the disease so the lack of eating was probably a good thing. Seeing that last pregnancy, I gained somewhere close to 10 pounds, I am sure could loose some of the weight I have now. I was at 168 before I got sick, I am now back to 164 and I was at 153 last December 8th but I would settle for 158.

I just had my first beef with Firefox, when I use the header bar to navigate through my website, when I click on the link, the page I want is not put in the correct target frame. UGH! this means that I lose navigational ability when I use the header bar.


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