Samoa Day Three – More Exploration

It’s now 6:32 am and I expect Jen to call soon. NFL games should be on soon due to the time difference. The Armed Forces Network (AFN) has sports on for most of the day. They had ESPN, so I got to see some college football, they even had the Alabama/Tennessee game from 2 weeks ago on a different channel. The AFN commercials are really PSAs for the troops watching the videos. So I think that it is cool that I might be watching the same thing as John Monihan in Iraq. It appears that the island has about 20 some soldiers over there are they support them 100%. There are yellow ribbons and hand made signs (some professionally done) everywhere.

We drove to the Western side of the island which seems less industrialized. There were a number of small stores around but not as many of them. There are larger churches on the western half od the island. Much larger and some that look very nice. Sunday seems to be a day of prayer, there are no alcohol sales and most people are dressed in the same color/style of lavalava. We found some very nice houses, relative to the island but then again some very poor looking houses.

We ate dinner at Pizza Hut on the island. The food is about the same as it is back home. The drinks have something to be desired though. They taste weak with not a lot of carbonation. I ran 3.5 miles at the fitness center while watching the ESPN sunday night game, in the afternoon.

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