Samoa Day Four – The Work Begins

Our meeting with the gov’t employee Henry Kappel and his group was at 0845. We ate breakfast at the Equator again, where I got a massive plate of food with pancakes, eggs and ham [Portuguese, I think]. We can drink the coffee with little harm of diarrhea, which I think no one of us has been blessed with receiving. On our way there we many of the school children being transported or waiting for their bus. The schools are designated by lavalava uniforms, different solid colors with the school emblem seal on the bottom. Everyone seems to being wearing white shirts as part of their uniform. We met with MK and his team for a short while talking about what we needed and the best strategies. HK said that he would make some calls for us to arrange appointments with some of the companies and to arrange a radio interview with KHJ 93.1.

After the meeting, we went to the Blue Sky Communications to get a mobile phone while on the island. For 2 weeks, it was $170 up front with a $100 refund once we returned the phone. We wandered around the shopping center looking for Richard who was in search of a better map. We went to the Dept of Interior looking for him but no luck. However the lady answering the door was by far the prettiest on the island [and after the fact, she was]. We found Richard in the USDA office talking with a guy named Wallace who helped us with a nice map and some information about the locals on the island. We went downstairs to back to the gov’t building but not after sending Richard back to see the DOI chick, after all he has been the girl watcher on the island.

Back at the gov’t building HK set up some appointments with Tony at the local canneries and some of the other businesses. He also arranged for us to be on TV to do a spot for the local news. We went to the TV station and did an interview spot, Tom did all the talking and the spot was promised to be on at 5pm & at 9pm Monday. After the TV went to lunch for on of the best cheeseburgers, very very tasty. We met with the radio station and Tom did a radio spot, but had not heard it yet. We are to come back for an interview on the morning radio show. After leaving the radio, we went to Samoan News to meet with Fili add information to our story. We had a call from the Starkist to schedule a time to meet. News interview went well and ended our workday. We traveled back to the hotel but found a barber to get Richard a trim. The business was run by Orientals who have a laundry mat, photo lab and barber. The stylist had an assistant, a young girl, with orange eye color. She did all the prep work while the “maestro”, as we called him, made all the cuts. He did a good job for $10 that I might get one if my hair does not cooperate sine I have no comb/brush. Tom was out of commission with a head cold that he had and decided not to go to dinner at the beach club that Tuci had suggested. After helping Tom with the mobile phone, I went downstairs and ran 4 miles on the treadmill while Bring It On was playing. After a nice shower and relaxing time, it was time for dinner. Dinner was something unique. The beach resort was dead again, there were a few locals at one of the outside tables. We were seared inside in an enclosed building but we were able to watch the beach. We saw the equivalent as the hermit crabs sold in the US. They are actually called Coconut Crabs and are common on the island. I had some ribs that were good and again the portions were very large, i.e. Samoan Sized!

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