Da Roof is Exploding

Right now, I have digital cameras galore. As I stated from my previous posts, I want to bring a compact, lightweight digital camera to American Samoa with me. So far, I have gotten a Minolta Dimage x20 and a Canon S200, also, there is a camera at Officemax that Jen has seen that is cheap. I will probably be selling one of these. So, if someone who needs a digital camera, or have one they are willing to trade, I will entertain offers.

Initially, this camera that was going to take on my trip would be Jen’s camera after I returned, leaving our older camera, Canon S45, as our main camera. Well, I think that I want to keep two small cameras. I have enjoyed, for the limited time, carrying a small camera with me. Just knowing that I could capture some pictures at anytime is powerful. The advantage of the Dimage is that is uses AA batteries, good for traveling and the S200 uses CF card, which is compatible with our S45. Here is a picture that I took with the Dimage (Auto mode, Flash Auto)

Terry Selfie

I just finished reading John monihan’s blog about his excitement in Iraq and id he have some recently. Apparently, there was some mortar fire inside of his compound for the first time. Apparently, they were interval pot shots, in that, they were following a straight line and their last shell had a direct hit into their command post. Luckily, the ordinance hit a rafter in the roof, causing the shell to detonate in the roof instead of penetrating into the rooms. Another stroke of luck was that it was lunchtime, so it was not fully staffed. John is fine, and I pulled a picture of the roof, which was fixed in about an hour.

Mortar Fire

Here is a picture of some mortar fire at our place here in Tennessee. well, not really, the grounds crew have been at our house (my office is an old 1940s house) to remove tree limbs and to fix some small holes in the roof. Well, yesterday, they wanted to get some rope up to the roof. So what better way to get a light object (the rope) up in the air by tying it to a heavier object (a brick). On the second throw, we heard a – crash – and bunch of glass shattering. We then heard our boss, start yelling up a storm at the grounds crew. Now our boss W.S. is a super nice guy and I had never (in the whopping 2 months) seem him so irate. The grounds crew scattered away like roaches when hit with a bright light.

Broken Window


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