Blue Bay and red squirrels

I didn’t watch most of the Green Bay game last night and I think that was a good thing. My second favorite team is the Titans, so it wasn’t a total loss. Still, I am very excited about the UT/Georgia game. It was a nail-biter up until the last second. I believe that it will good year for the Vols. My guess is that we will lose another game (either Notre Dame or South Carolina) but will end up winning the East but losing the SEC championship and we will win our bowl game. I’ll look back and see how well I am at this prediction.

Eric has been sick since Sunday. We think that we are passing a germ around since I was almost since on Tues/Wed. Eric was sick on Sunday/Monday and Jen has been feeling bad for the past few days with last night feeling yucky. The good news is that Pete is going to be visiting, so maybe we can share it with him! Haha

Yesterday at work, we collated, stuffed and address 1396 envelopes to go o American Samoa for our project. There were approximately 8 of us who worked from 10-3 non-stop except for lunch. There are the actual surveys that we will be collecting when we are there. hopefully, if send them ahead of time, we will get a better response rate. Today, I had the nice experience of having my 40 GB USB drive fail on me. And of course, the files that were on the drive had not been archive to another medium. Also, these file are extremely important to my work for Samoa. We found out that it had to do with a problem with the file systems, since it worked with Windows 98 on a different computer. Our group only has one CD burner, so we took the important files off the drive and I am in the process right now of reformatting.

If you don’t watch Saturday Night Live, you should try to catch some of the this season’s shows. The debates have been the source of comedic relief and they have a deep well to draw from. Seth Meyers portrays john Kerry and Will Forte plays Bush. Seth gets my vote as having his character down, but nobody can beat Darrell Hammond and his Bill Clinton imitation. Darrell is by far the best President of all time, better than Chase doing Ford, or Carvey doing George Sr. Oh yeah, and Tina Fey is raow!

Observation on Sunday: Sunday, I ran 12 miles after church through my neighborhood. During this run, I could tell that winter is approaching. why you ask? Well, it was because of all of the road kill I passed while running. In less than 2 hours, I found 4 dead squirrels on the my course. Then when I was going to the Math Lab at night, I passed by another dead one. All these animals trying to get their nuts in order, but ended up getting splat!

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