Carbon Dating

10.18.04 Carbon Dating
Eric is over his sickness. Thursday and Friday he was still very clingy and lethargic. I am not sure if I posted that Eric came home early on Thursday from preschool, but he did. Friday was pretty quiet… I forgot what we did. Sheesh.

I ran on Saturday morning, but had to cut my 14 miles to 12.8 due to an “accident.” Only runners would really appreciate my dilemma and everyone else would think it was, er, icky. I was able to run the 12.8 with a 9:31 average mile pace, so that was a pleasant surprise. Later that morning, Pete and I did some yard work, he mowed and i put some fertilizer down. I would have liked to have gotten some seed down, but I missed my chance. We saw two wasp/hornet type anthropods that were eating a broken tree in my front yard. I will post the pictures when I download off Pete’s computer. I used some of Melalueca’s Prespot to kill them, as Prespot is an excellent ant killer. It worked, they stopped eating and began dying. I am anxious to find out what they were! Anyway, as a result of working outside, Pete was waylaid for the rest of the day with allergies. He’s just allergic to a little work.

We had a poop incident on Saturday afternoon. Eric, after making a deposit in his diaper, took it off and started to spread the joy around his crib. Need less to say there was a decontamination party with Pete and Janet cleaning Eric, Jen using Sol-U-guard to sanitize the crib and I was in charge of starting laundry (sheets, bumper guards, clothes…) After that incident, he was back to his old self. Jen and I were glad for Pete and Janet that Eric was back to his old self.

Janet, Jen and I went out to shop. I’m not sure all that we bought, but Eric got his Christmas present, the Incredi-block.

He really loves it. Cary Smith, whom I worked with at the SCC had gotten Peek-A-Block for her boy Jed and sung their praises.


UVA lost big this weekend. In their first real test to contend for their top 10 ranking, they were beat by a faster team. FSU was able to out gun UVA on about all fronts, they shut down their offense, they negated their defense, Hagans wasn’t as effective, Miller not as utilized, Lundy stopped, Big E got dinged up. UT on the other hand, escaped losing. After coming out strong in the first quarter, they had a lackluster rest of the game, even trailing for a part of it. Late TD sent them ahead of Ole miss and they came out of Oxford with a win. Had Eli still been there, errr, the result would have been different. Furman won, no details known.


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