Cut the CLUTTER!

This is exactly what I am trying to do with our website. We have a bunch of old files that are just taking up space. So, I have been in the process of seeing which files are extraneous and getting rid of them. By the way, I have updated our Pager Page, which is now a text messaging page that will send a message straight to our cell phone. The pages that we have for our friend’s kids is lacking about a year worth of births! Also there are a number of pages that are not of the same format, in terms of color and style. hose pages will need to be corrected in the future. Why have I been doing this you ask? Well, the other day, I got a new toy. Meet ‘Da Kruza’


I got this new baby off eBay this week. Unfortunately after I had already bought it, I found it for about $10 cheaper on a different website. I am not too mad, because where I found it was not a place I would have ever thought to look. So, I made the decision with what information I had… sound familiar? Da Kruza weights in at a 1.0GB storage size, which replaces my trusty rusty 256MB Lexar JumpDrive that I have had for a year. There was no way that I could fit our website onto something that small. So now that I have it on a “Giger”, our website is now portable, which means that I can work on it at home or at work.

Eric has been sick. He broke out into a rash very suddenly on wednesday. Jen called the nurse and she had him come in that afternoon, thanks to a cancellation. The diagnosis was that he had a virus, or rather, he was in the last stages of the virus. he was no longer contagious, but as a common reaction children often break out into a hives type rash. He might still have something though because he is not quite well. He’ll be in a great mood and then in a bad mood, almost faster than me!


I love Firefox! I have having so much more fun with this browser. The two things that I like about the most are 1)The Mouse Gestures and 2)Sage

Firefox has many extensions that are small programs that run for Firefox. one of the programs is a Mouse Gestures Extension that allows you do perform commands with only using the mouse. For Example, when I want to go Back on a website, I do not have to Click ‘BACK’ or hit the ‘backspace’ key. I just have to Right Click and move the mouse to the left! “Beautiful!” as Tony Bruno would say. The only thing that I would like to see is the ability to convert Firefox bookmarks into IE bookmarks (i.e. shortcuts). The reason is that I carry my Favorites on Da Kruza and so not everyone has (but should get) Firefox. So it’s a matter on convenience for me.


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