Eric is now an efficient walker. Since Friday, he walks from place to place almost 80%of the time. He does still crawl when he gets excited or tired, but for the most part he will stand up and walk to you or whatever is interesting. He is also shaking his head occasionally when he does not want something. This usually happens at dinner time.

I am guessing that he is about 23 pounds and will be getting a 15 month check up soon. He loves going to preschool and church (same place) where he plays with kids his age during the week and older kids during the weekend. Yesterday with Jen, he was rolling a ball to her and when he would miss, he would go get the ball and roll it correctly. When I was playing with him, he would take his size 2 soccer ball, get 1 foot away and with both hand, throw it at me.

I figured out what I am getting myself for my birthday. I am getting that digital camera that I blogged about earlier. After considering about 8 different compact digital cameras, I have decided to get the Minolta Dimage X20. Why you ask? First of all it’s a 2 megapixel camera. Although, in the word of megapixel’s more is better, I know that I am most likely NOT going to make 8×10 prints and these pictures are going on the web. Also, this camera uses AA batteries. So when I am in Am. samoa, I won’t have to worry about juicing up the camera, I can just go get batteries! The draw back is that it uses a SD/MMC card which I will have to buy a card. In a perfect world, I would have gotten a camera with a Compact Flash (CF) card since our Powershot uses that type and it could be interchangeable. I am trying to bid on one on eBay and guess that it will be about $125 plus however much the card is going to be. I guess that I should think about getting a carrying case too.

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