Fall is in the air

Friday is here, WOO-HOO. Jen and I are going to dinner since I was busy on Tuesday. I think that I will try to have a Rolling Rock when i am out (Theme 33). Now that’s an interesting name for a blog… hmm, but it would really only be good for a year. We’ll see.

Eric is really going the distance now on walking. He is staying up much longer although he still walks pretty slow, I know that will come with time. Eric must of had a little stomach bug yesterday, because during dinner, we had a major “blowout”. I was a silent one, because I never heard it, I was just alerted to it from the foul stench that emanating from Eric’s vicinity. Sure enough, he blew out the side of diaper, leaving a huge mess in his booster chair. I must admit that this is SO much better than when he leaves a floater in the tub. The bad thing was that I had to hold him, like he was radioactive, because he wanted to swing his legs to cling to me, uh no. Anyway, the situation was cleaned up and everyone was happy.

I ran 5.1 miles yesterday on the treadmill. Most of it at an easy pace. I really did not want to do any major speedwork since I have the Big south Fork race on saturday. I finished the month of September with 95.0 miles. I was hoping to break the 100 mile mark for the month, but I didn’t. However, September’s mileage was my second highest mileage per month. The only month that I have ran more was October of 2000 when I ran 107.7 miles.

I have been looking for a compact, light and inexpensive digital camera to take to Samoa. Unfortunately, I have found about 7 to choose from which 3 are too expensive (>$150). The ones that I like run about $130 ish on eBay. We’ll see. I’d love to upload pictures while I am there, but I am not sure what my computer situation will be.

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