What’s the Word? Thunderbird! What’s the Price?

09.30.04 – What’s the Word? Thunderbird! What’s the Price?
“Happy Birt” to Jen since yesterday was her half-birthday. My birthday was just peachy the other day. The custom here at the CIRPC is to bring in your own birthday cake and ice cream and then everyone signs happy birthday and eat cake. I brought in a texas chocolate cake that I made with cream cheese icing. Usually, this cake has some yummy rich chocolate icing on top, but I found that cream cheese icing provides a nice complement to the cake. Everyone seemed to like it which made me happy. After work, I had two tutoring appointments at the Thornton Center, one at 5pm and the other at 7pm. At 8, I went and played handyman to change some locks and move some furniture, so I didn’t home until 10:30pm. I didn’t mind one bit because when I got home Jen was waiting for me with an extra birthday gift, so that made me happy.

I have made a switch to Mozilla’s Firefox Firefoxinternet browser and Thunderbird Thunderbirdemail client. Both have been getting great reviews on their ease and security. So, I thought I would try them out and so far I am pleased. Firefox looks more like IE than netscape and Thunderbird has some differences than OE but it reminds me something closer to Eudora. So far the only problem hat I have had is my Yahoo LauchCAST radio station (talan71) will not play in Firefox. The station thinks that I am Netscape and it says it will only play the stream in IE, hmmm…. monopoly?

I have not ran since Saturday, and now it is Thursday, sheesh. Most of it has been due my schedule this week. Yesterday night when I got home, I started with finishing the laundry and then working on the computer. Although, it is not up yet, I do have the “Best of Boppy” in the works, honestly. I also created back CD of all the Eric pictures that I have downloaded to date. I just checked and I have 3,089 files (that includes movies and picture files) totaling 1.3 Gigabytes of data. Wow! I knew it was allot but I did not think it was that much. I finally got my CD burner to work, so I am busy archiving older files that are no longer needed.

Speaking of Eric, This morning, before I left, he walked a good 10 feet to me. He even caught himself from falling over a few times while standing. He is really making some big transitions right now. we packed up his high chair and got him a booster seat for the table. Now he can participate in daily dinners with us. He is also just about outgrowing his 12 month clothes. The 12-18 month size still fits since they are cut a little wider, but the sizes just for the 12 month old are getting too tight.

Tomorrow, I will be archiving these blogs as it is a new month. I have not decided if I will archive the whole month or just through the 15th. I am leaning toward the latter, as people check this rarely, except for Pete, I think. Now that I am able to update it more often, I am thinking about redoing my “news” pages a bit. Currently, they are set up by Year, but I may break them down a little further but increase the font size, to make reading easier.


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