This Birthday sponsored by "33"

Famous Rolling Rock

Other Birthdaymates:
Ed Sullivan , television host (1901)
Marcello Mastroianni born on September 28, 1924
Seymour Cray , computer engineer (1925)
Brigitte Bardot born on September 28, 1934
Andrea Croonenberghs born on September 28, 1964
Janeane Garofalo born on September 28, 1964
Mira Sorvino born on September 28, 1967
Naomi Watts born on September 28, 1968
Kimiko Date born on September 28, 1970
Gwyneth Paltrow born on September 28, 1972
Lenny Krayzelburg born on September 28, 1975
Marzena Godecki born on September 28, 1978
Brigitta Callens born on September 28, 1980
Hilary Duff born on September 28, 1987
Skye McCole Bartusiak born on September 28, 1992

1066: The Norman conquest of England begins, as an army led by William the Conqueror lands at Pevensey, England. William will be crowned king of England by the year’s end.

My birthday is here. Woo Hoo! (I think). I appreciate all the birthday and ecards that I have gotten, thank you!

If you noticed, there are NEW pictures of Eric online! Finally! YAY! It took me most of the evening, but I got them up. The boppy picture for September will be up this week. I am hoping to have Best of Boppy up within the next few days. I blew off running last night, in lieu of uploading the pictures. Important things first!


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