At the speed of slow

I realized last night that because I tutor on Tuesday Nights, I don’t see Eric from Monday night bed time until wednesday night when I get home. Almost a 48 hour span of time of not seeing the little monster. Allot can happen in 48 hours, so I run the risk of missing some great happening. Of course, being gone all day at work does not increase my odds. Well, someone was a early riser today (6:45am) and I got to see him! YAY! Didn’t get to spend anytime with him, but did get to hold him.

Yesterday, Eric walked in between Jen and Diane, who were about 4 feet apart, about 4 times without falling and apparently screaming with delight. Jen also commented that walking is becoming his preferred mode of transportation, although not extremely proficient at it yet.

I ran 5.75 miles yesterday before my tutor session. Since I was on campus, I decided to go to the Ag campus and follow the Neyland Greenway until a great place to eat called Riverside Tavern. Once I was there, I thought it would be cool to run back through downtown and onto to campus. And yes, it was cool, when I was able to run while in the shadow of a building. Running west in the sunset was killer, I really couldn’t see much because of the sun’s location. I did not have any incidents, so that was fine. When I got back to the car, I realized that I had cruised through the run in 49:04. Today, when I mapped out the mileage, it put me at a 8:32 minutes per mile. That is FAST for me on a training run. I should have ran at a 10:00 minute pace or something around there. If I run too fast, too often then I will cause more damage and ultimately, slow my times down. Thursdays are suppose to be my speed days on the treadmill, where I can regulate my pace.

I did some work on my website today. I finally uploaded a few pages that I had been working on for a long time now. Thanks to Mom and a scanner, I was able to put up some pictures of my aunts and uncles. Also, I was able to move some pictures from our Iowa trip in 2001, to put up family members living there. I did not put up a picture of Chris, just out respect since all I had available at the time was The Cove pictures and I know how much he loves them. You’ll also see that Pete’s side is pretty barren. Well, I do have a few pictures of Uncle Ray, but that is about it. They are also on a different computer, so they are not ready. Hopefully, when Pete reads this, he’ll fill in some of the blanks for me. I also included some of the books that I have recently finished and some that I would like to read. You can find all of this new stuff by clicking the ‘about me’ link in the black header bar at the top of this page.

My home computer is almost ready. I have fixed the sound and have all of my old files off of the other hard drives. So, I should be ready for some Eric Updates by weekend! I know that you can’t wait! I’ll be doing finances and speedwork tonight, so I doubt that I will get to them tonight, but then again you never know.

We are having beautiful weather here in Knoxville. It in the upper 50’s this morning and is in the low-mid 80’s in the afternoon. Cool and just absolutely beautiful. Of course, it won’t last too long, but I am going to enjoy it while I can.

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