The Kitchen is Downtown Tokyo

09/21/04 – The Kitchen is Downtown Tokyo
Let me update you on a few things that Eric has done over the past few days. First of all, he is not totally walking yet, and when he does walk it is in a straight line. This weekend, Jen and I were about 4 feet apart from each other having Eric go back and forth between us. Sometimes, he would take 2 steps and then fall forward, other times he would make all the way and hug us. On one occasion, he did a 180 turn while next to Jen without any help. Perhaps it was the security of knowing that Jen was right there that encouraged him to do that. He is also squatting too. He does this mostly in the tub to pick up toys out of the water. Which scares me every time because I think that he is about to “send a submarine” into the water… which reminds me of the movie Caddyshack with Bill Murray and the pool scene.

All the drawers in the kitchen, except for the very top ones, are fair game to Eric. He can reach into the highest drawer when he is on his tippy-toes and can blindly grab whatever is in there. I can’t tell you the number of times that he has mashed his finger because he closes the drawer on a hand. He doesn’t really cry but gets upset, I have his upset face mastered and hope to catch it on camera, and once you free his hand he goes right back to the drawer. Thank goodness this is not fire. Needless to say when he is done with kitchen, Godzilla would be proud.

This past Sunday was the Twin’s birthday party. Our little monster ate almost an entire piece of cheese pizza! The one thing he did learn to do at the party was drink from a straw. They had juice boxes for the kids and we offered some to Eric. Shortly afterwards, he was drinking like a champ! He also learned that dish soap in not necessarily tasty.

Tuesdays are bummer because I don’t get to see him since I leave before he wakes up and my tutoring doesn’t get out until after he is gone to bed. I just get to peek in on him and hear second hand stories about his crazy adventures that day.

My running is coming along nicely, I ran in my subdivision last night. A 5 mile run that was close to my PR time for that route. 45:32 in a very hilly course with some hills that are not very kind. I am not sore at all from my run Saturday or yesterday. Since I have a chunk of time before my tutoring appointment, I think that I am going to get some easy mileage in today, maybe run across campus or something.

You may have noticed that I have added “titles” to the dates of my posts. I have been surfing through the BLOGOSPHERE on the internet, primarily at the site Blogger, which is supported by Google. I am contemplating moving my blog to having it supported over there. There are a few advantages, one would be that I would not need my JumpDrive to easily update my blog. Two, the blogs would be archived much better than what I have now, the link at the bottom of this page or the ‘news’ link. Third, it would have a larger audience. On the other hand, I would have to remember more passwords, etc and since I am getting old, that might not be a good thing

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