Clear skies for a Monday

09/20/04 – Clear skies for a Monday
First let me comment on the UT/ Florida game from Saturday night. What a game! The entire game was played decently by both teams and I think that had we lost it would have not been the end of the world. However, since we won and in such dramatic fashion, people are excited around here. The kicker missed an extra point to tie the game in the late fourth quarter. With an eminent loss, the UT defense stepped up to give the offense one last chance to score. The offense moved the ball up the field to give the kicker one last chance to win the game, a modest 50 yard field goal attempt. It could have been a 55 yard attempt, because when he split the uprights, the ball still had plenty of height. I believe, had we made the extra point, the coach would have played for overtime and we who know how it would have ended up. We were having a hard time keeping up with their receivers, so I don’t think that overtime would have been good at this junction. In related football news, Virginia and Furman both won their respected games. I can not say the same for the Packers, they lost to ‘Da Bears’.

Saturday morning, I did get out of the house at 5:45 and ran 16.5 miles around the community. I left my neighborhood and went out around Farragut, through some subdivisions, around the high school and then back to my home. THe problem with my subdivision is that there are hills! Big ones, so when i am coming home, the hills really slow me down and I end up walking up parts of them. I was pretty pleased with my overall performance. My legs did not get heavy until mile 13 and they were not sore after the run. With that said, tonight is slated for my 5 mile course in the subdivision, hills and everything!

I picked up another tutor on Tuesdays. I currently have one of the women swimmers whom I tutor physics, and now I am getting a pre-calculus student. Not sure what sport she is but we will see.

For those of you who know that in a few days, I am getting older, I have no problems with it. It will be my “Rolling Rock” birthday, brought to you by the number 33.


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