Ivan Ivan Everywhere

09/16/04 – Ivan Ivan Everywhere
The monster (read: Eric) is now up and running! Well, he can get up and he can WALK a few feet. He is still much faster crawling, so until he realizes that walking doesn’t hurt the knees, I think he will do walk/crawl think. Also, he is starting to “build” things with his MegaBlocks. He and Jen were playing with them and he started to put the blocks together. Up to this point, he had only been in the “Destructo” mode. The computer woes are not over yet, so there are new pictures or video. We will see.

Hurricane Ivan is on its way. We are expected to get 4-8 inches of rain with some steady winds. As of 10:45am, we are just getting a few sprinkles and there is a slight breeze in the air. By this afternoon, this should all be changed! [edit] I’m making a few edits here at 3:05pm and it is rainy put nothing horrendous and the wind has picked up a bit. The wet weather should be through until Sunday which means the UT game on Saturday against Florida might be a little dicey.

Looks like I am going to bag the Farragut Fall 5k run on the 25th. I just don’t think the logistics are going to work out. I am hoping that I can still make the Big South Fork 17.5m run even if we do not camp.

I am in the process of initializing a Guest Book for people to leave comments, etc. Look for it on the right hand side. It may already be up by the time you read this… [edit] and it is. Just click on the Chimp!


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