Computers are not your friends

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PAUL & ZOE VELAS. Believe it or not, they are 4 years old today! WOW!

First and foremost, Eric took about 5 steps on his own last Friday night. In addition he also went from a sitting to a standing position. Since then, he has done nothing! He stands some and can cruise around the furniture and other inanimate objects. He will also walk if you let him hold onto your fingers, but the bottom line is that he can still travel faster crawling. So, he’ll get stronger and more dexterity on his feet and then start running, maybe at a 5k pace.

As for my running, I had a running packed Saturday. First of all, I volunteered at the Sept 11th Memorial 5k race in Knoxville. I was out on the course calling out split times at the mile 1 and 2 markers. After that, I went to lakeshore greenway and ran 4 loops which is 8.8 miles. It was pretty darn hot and for the 4th loop, I took some predetermined walk breaks. There was no other way that I would have made it for that last loop. Right when I was getting back to the Xterra, Solange called me and asked if I wanted to go running in the afternoon. “Sounds good to me!”. So I went and picked up Eric, went home, Eric and I napped and then made it out to Solange’s where she and I ran 5 miles. I have taken Sunday and Monday off, but I plan on running today.

I had fun with computers this weekend. The parts that I ordered came in and I started moving programs and files on Friday night, so that the parts would be ready for some construction. I found out that night that the old AGP cards (video) did not fit into the new motherboard, so that meant that Saturday I would have to go out and get a new video card. When I went out on Saturday, before I ran with Solange, I picked up a video card and a new hard drive. when I got home that night, the video card was the wrong type, UGH! Also, I ended up giving up that night at trying to format the new hard drive. No matter what I did, the software would not initialize. After a couple of hours on Sunday, the hard drive FINALLY formatted and was ready to load the OS. I went back to CompUSA to exchange the video card which worked when I got it home. SO I was able to put together Jen’s computer up and running and is now a lot faster with more memory. My computer is still in pieces right now. I am wrestling with the motherboard not booting up when I attach the old DVD and CDRW drive to the motherboard! Computers make our life easier… yeah right!


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