IT has been rather eventful for us at the Higgins household. Last Thursday, we had arrival of two guests, Devaney and Chris. Each were staying with us this weekend. It was so good to see Devaney after so long. He had not seen Eric and we had not seen him in about 20 months or so. Eric was a little shy to him, but we think that is because he’s now at preschool and there is a lot more people there. He is finally getting his stranger anxiety.

Sunday, we decided to rearrange Jen’s office downstairs and sure enough I fried the motherboard. When I was taking out the modem cable, the card became unseated and caused a short. The motherboard has pass on from this world. However, this has put us in a state of flux with the computers. I had to take my computer and piggy-back jen’s hard drive to access her information. THe only nice thing is that the memory was compatible, so that is helping. I now have to go shopping for computers now. I was hoping to upgrade our computer and then use the leftover pieces to upgrade my Mom’s computer, but now she might have to wait. Due to this situation, there is a hold on all changes to our websites, except this one. I have my website on my USB flash drive, so it is portable no matter what!

I haven’t run since Thursday, one of the reasons is the stepped on the edge of a hammer and put a gash in my foot. So, it is sore to walk. I think if I ran, I would get used to the pain and it would be tolerable. I think that I will try that tonight, since I need to run something.


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