Scholar’s Run

I have been trying to catch as much of the Olympics as I can. I totally missed the women’s marathon on Sunday and was pretty bummed about that. I did catch some of the track heats last night as well as watching the US men’s take 1-2-3 in the 400m Final, that was pretty cool. One thing that I have noticed is that there appears to be more interest in the Olympics this week than last. One of the local radio stations morning DJs was saying how bored they were with the Olympics during the first week. Come this Monday and he was saying how he could not stop watching some of the events. Pretty funny if you ask me, more like a little hypocrisy in action. The thing is that he has probably watched more than I have and I WANT to watch it all.

I finished the Scholar’s Run on Saturday with a respectable time. 24:57, 5th in my age group. My full results are here, if you are interested. I started off way too fast and then just crashed after the first mile. This at least tells me that I am not up to 5k racing shape yet and that I need some more work.

I have been in the process of over hauling the main side of the website, so there will probably be changes in the next week with some of the layout. I am thinking about making the background something different for my website as well, perhaps a different color or design.


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