Amid the threat of rain all day, the evening was dry for me to kick off a record for my 5 mile course in my subdivision. For those of you who have been through it, you know that there are a few hills in there, some of which can be real doozies. I was really upset that my time for the scholar’s run wasn’t faster. I love the fact that I can sort out my thoughts and analyze what is happening in my life because came to a realization about that race. The Wednesday before my race, I donated blood at my church. I had never have done a full-blown race a few days after donating and I think this contributed to my performance.

How about the Men’s 1500 final yesterday night? WOW! El Gerrouj is the man! What a great race and I wasn’t even wanting to watch it since I was more interested in the 5000m race. UT’s Pappas dropped out, DeeDee Trotter came in respectable 5th place in the women’s 400m Final.

Today’s is Eric’s first day of preschool at our church. He is going twice a week (Wednesday & Thursday) from 9-2. He is one of eight kids, one of seven boys, the only one who chooses not to walk. we will see how he fares with this group of kids over The Children Center.


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