Fall preparations

You may or not have been able to tell from my website that I have been making some minor adjustments here and there. One big adjustment that I am making is the Update list on the bottom of this page will have active links to some of the pages that I have edited for easy surfing. I am also trying to uniform the style of all my HTML links through out my site. That is the links have the same color/style/font etc. This will take me a while for me to get it all worked out, but not unfathomable.

I am enjoying watching he Olympics on TV and am getting excited about the Track and Field events. I am especially excited about the Marathon and Triathlon. The track events are exciting, I prefer the 5k and lower, for some reason the 10k just isn’t as fun for me. My running is coming along nicely; I have the Scholar’s run scheduled for this weekend. My current PR for this race is 22:07 which was my 5k PR for sometime. However, they changed the course back in 2000 to something much more difficult. I prefer this course, but it is a good training course for speed and hill work. There is a killer hill near the end, which just not only is steep, but winds upward as well. The finish is slightly downhill, that makes it nice. I ran on the 18th at 5:15 in the morning around my neighborhood. This was the first time that I successfully made it out of bed at that hour to run. I managed 1.75 miles at a speed that I though was fast, but turned out to be slower pace than I thought (9 minute 1 second).

I have my sights eyeing the Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville on December 20th. Now, we are going to be in Orlando early in January, which coincides with the Disney Marathon. I am wondering if that is something that I can do as well. Jen P told me that if I sold Mary Kay products for her the profits would go toward paying for entry fee. The fee is close to $100, which is expensive for marathons! Rocket City is only $30 if I pre-register. So if you want to help me, shop online at Jen’s Mary Kay website (24/7) and put in the comment: Terry’s Disney Marathon. You’ll get some great products to make you look and feel great and I’ll be able to run Disney. WIN-WIN for both of us.

You probably notices the weather picture to the right of the screen. This is the current weather in American Samoa. That way, when I am there, you can see the weather that I am up against. It stays in the lower 80s almost all year round. We should be out of there before the rainy season (Dec-Mar). I am hoping to get to the National Park that is there. I will, at some point do some running while I am there to keep my training up to date

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