My first week at UT is over and was very quiet. I guess the best thing was that I ate out for lunch everyday without much of a worry. Of course, next week, it will a bagged lunch and all that jazz, but this week was a reward. Next week, I will really dig into some of the American Samoa information. Maybe then I will find out when we are going.

I did some speed work last night on the treadmill. While Jen was at her Mary Kay meeting and Eric had gone to sleep, I put in the movie Without Limits and put in about 2 miles. I can tell that I am out of race shape. I was planning on trying to race for the Scholars Run. I think now I will only run it as training and not go full board. I think that I have to run some distance that day. I should put my training schedule online. Tomorrow, I am going to be running around 10-12 miles, whatever feel comfortable. The weather is so nice this week, I should run in the afternoon when it is warmer, but I’m planning on being out the door at 6:30am for the little jaunt.

The Olympics start today, the Google logo, which changes infrequently is very cool!



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